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Handling ( or Protection ) of Private Data Information

Protecting and keeping our customers’ personal information confidential is our top priority as we run our daily business. It has been one of our core principles for doing our business activities all along and at the same time we work hard to earn the trust from our customers. Therefore, we constituted our policy for handling our customers’ personal information which has been entrusted to us. As described below in details, we are committed to the adherence of the proper usage and management of the private data information.

  1. Purpose of obtaining and using personal information

    We will not disclose or provide the private information entrusted to us by our customers to any third party without obtaining the consent from the customers. In addition, we will not use the private information for any other purposes except for the following cases;

    1. When the customer requests for disclosures for the purposes of obtaining the information concerning the marketing activities and market researches on the products and services.

      (Contact Center services, outsourcing services, information requests, requests for quotations, issuing certificates, etc.).
      We will only use the private information registered by customers as a part of the provisions of the products and services for operations relating to the relevant products and services, marketing activities and market researches in relation to the services of KDDI Evolva, Inc., or to contact customers when it’s absolutely necessary in the event of the natural disaster or other emergencies. On the other hand, the customers may choose not to disclose their private information. Please understand that you may not be able to use any services offered by KDDI Evolva, Inc. if you do not provide the required information. Operations in conjunction with the private information may be outsourced to a third party solely on the basis of providing products and services.
      The documentation for the detailed procedures on how the private information is used for the individual products and services is available on the website.

    2. The use of the private information for outsourcing services.

      We will only use the private information entrusted to us by our customers as a part of outsourcing services when it’s absolutely necessary for us to perform the operational services outlined in the contract or otherwise specified by the relevant outsourcing partner. With the outsourcing partner agreeing to adherence of the data protection commitment, the outsourced third party may perform its duties using the private information as specified in the contract with the strict supervision according to the signed NDA.

    3. Private information obtained via our Private Information Protection Desk

      If an individual provides his/her private information as a part of the inquiry via our Private Information Protection Desk, we will only use such information for the fulfillment of the customer’s request.

  2. Security Measures

    We have our security measures in place against any risks concerning organization, private, physical and technical issues in which we might have when we obtain any private information. We are fully committed to ensure that the information is kept accurate and up to date as well as preventing the risks from any unauthorized access, loss, alteration or leakage of the private data information.

  3. Provisions for disclosing of the information to third parties

    We may use the selected outsourcing partners who have been gone through the strict screenings and passed the standards set forth by KDDI Evolva, Inc. And those third parties will assist us either by partially or fully to provide the services to the customers seamlessly, effectively, and efficiently.

  4. Private information requests (disclosure, changes, deletion, suspension of direct mail, etc.)

    Once we have obtained the private information, we are fully committed to manage and ensure that the information will be kept accurate and up to date at all times. We will also comply with all requests from individuals relating to their private information and provide them with proper guidance according to the procedures. Those requests will include changes, additions and deletions, suspension of usage of the private information, removal of the private information, and suspending the provisions for the third party usage. If you no longer wish to receive direct mails nor other promotional materials from KDDI Evolva, Inc. please contact our Private Information Protection Desk.

  5. Submitting inquiries to KDDI Evolva, Inc.

    If you wish to view and/or edit your private information, please contact the information desk of KDDI Evolva, Inc. and we will respond to you right away.
    The policy for “Handling Private Data Information” may be subject to revisions in the future either partially or entirely for further improvements of our services. In the event of any major changes, an announcement will be posted on our website for the detailed changes.

Inquiries regarding call/contact center services
Contact Center Supervisor
Dial: 0077-78-1506
General inquiries regarding the private information
  1. The officer in charge of the private information protection
    Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), KDDI Evolva, Inc.
  2. Customer Advice Desk
    Shinjuku First West, 1-23-7 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023
    Dial: 03-6479-7400